Venerable Tenzin Tharpa is a fully ordained Buddhist monk in the Tibetan tradition. Born in America he is a teacher, author, and philosopher with nearly two decades of experience in Tibetan Buddhist studies, with half of that time spent living within Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in India.


Presently Venerable Tharpa continues to write and teach while also working to finish his formal Tantric education while preparing for retreat. He has authored an assortment of educational texts and papers intended for monastic students. Topics of his written work include Tibetan and English language, and philosophical debate. Currently, Venerable Tharpa resides at Sera Je Monastery in Bylakuppe, South India.

Educational qualifications

  • Zen Buddhism – The Cleveland Buddhist temple – Cleveland Ohio
  • The Vajrayana foundation at Pema Osel Ling – Santa Cruz, California
    Lama Tharchin Rinpoche – Nyingma Tradition
  • Shambala Center and Naropa University – Boulder, Colorado – Kagyu Tradition
    Surmung Monastery – Kham, Tibet – Kagyu Tradition
  • The Library of Tibetan Works and Archives – Dharamsala India – Gelug Tradition
  • Getsul/Gelong ordination With His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama – Dharamsala India
  • Gyudmed Tantric Monastic University – Hunsur, South India – Gelug Tradition
  • Sera Jey Monastic University – Bylakuppe, South India – Gelug Tradition