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Spoken Tibetan Basics
Free Download: Tib-Spoken-Basics.PDF

For ease use on portable devices, this text has been divided into three short texts.

Text 1 – STB-Mobile – Main grammar section
Free Download:  STB-Mobile.PDF

Text 2 – STB-Quick Start – Vocabulary in phonetic English
Free Download:  STB-Quick-Mobile.PDF

Text 3 – STB-Vocab – Vocabulary in Tibetan script
Free Download:  STB-Vocab-Moble.PDF

Exercises: Question Sheets with mp3 Audio
Tibetan Language Ear Training   (for English speakers)
Free Download:  QS-Audio.rar

Tibetan Conversation Text-1 Method Text -1  (for English speakers)
Free Download: Tib-Conv-Text-1.PDF

Tibetan Verb Exercises-1 Verb blocks  (for English speakers)
Free Download: Tibetan Verb Blocks.PDF    

Tibetan Verb Exercises-2 Learning verbs through imperatives  (for English speakers)
Free Download: Tibetan Verb Imparitives.PDF


Debate Text-1 / Foundations of Debate Collected Topics  (for English speakers)
Free Download: Debate-Text-1.PDF


English Conversation Text-1 Method Text-1  (for Tibetan speakers)
Free Download: Eng-Conv-Text-1.PDF

English Conversation Text-2 Method Text-2  (for Tibetan speakers)
Free Download: Eng-Conv-Text-2.PDF

All texts are ‘open source’ and free to all, including schools and monasteries. They may be copied and shared without formal permission from its authors.

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