Interesting Monk Vows Facts


Here are a just a few of the vows of a monk

A monk’s vows are training in ethics, mindfulness and dignified behavior.

Monk’s vows or Vinaya are 2,500 years old, so some vows may seem strange now, but at the time where needed.  There are 253 vows for a fully ordained monk and an additional 46 for a monk with bodhisattva vows.

  • A monk cannot climb a tree above a man’s height
  • A monk cannot dig in the ground…to avoiding hurting living things
  • A monk cannot destroying seeds or growing plants
  • A monk cannot destroying any town
  • A monk cannot play in water
  • A monk cannot touch weapons
  • A monk cannot tickle another monk
  • A monk cannot try to scare another monk
  • A monk cannot sit in solitude with woman
  • A monk cannot tell a lie…even a small one
  • A monk cannot kill any living things…including small insects
  • A monk cannot take any kind of intoxicant
  • A monk cannot eat or drink standing up…he must be seated
  • A monk cannot eat after midday lunch…Juice and most drinks are allowed
  • A monk cannot snack…breakfast and lunch are the his only meals
  • A monk cannot sleep on high or expensive beds
  • A monk cannot show bad manners
  • A monk cannot wear jewelry, ornaments, perfumes or scents
  • A monk cannot participate in commerce or make profit from lay community
  • A monk cannot steal
  • A monk cannot belittle, insulting or teasing others
  • A monk cannot return: insults, anger, violence, criticism
  • A monk cannot act out thoughts of; anger, pride, hatred, envy, jealousy, greed
  • A monk cannot strike or threatening
  • A monk should be in his home by dark
  • A monk has to respecting the wishes/feelings of others
  • A monk has to return kindness
  • A monk has to accept all apologies…he can not hold a grudge
  • A monk has to accept invitations/offerings
  • A monk has to abandon; desire, harmful thought, regret, doubt, self-pity, discouragement, laziness, procrastination, dullness, over sleeping, frivolously talking, and gossiping